The ninth issue reveals the Brazilian accent on duplodeck’s upcoming album. “The band traverses a wide-ranging Brazilian pop landscape where aspects of pop, rock and…


The eighth issue is another pop song recorded by an Israeli 17-year-old boy on his iPhone. This track will be part of an upcoming EP….


Ciro Madd’s second track on the series was recorded in his bedroom years ago. Release date: 24th July 2014 Mutt Singles Series is available for streaming at….

what do you want?

The sisxth issue is another noisy tune by the Japanese pop terrorists Housekeeper. Release date: 22th July 2014 Mutt Singles Series is available for streaming at….


Mutt Singles #04 brings duplodeck making a statement of their affection for 90’s guitar bands. Built on soothing riffs, dreamy voices and a lot of feedback,…


T-shirts will be available for international orders in October. R$ 35. O pagamento deve ser feito via Banco do Brasil. Envie seu pedido para e…


The third issue was recorded by an Israeli teenager on his iPhone. Under the name Kims, the anonymous 17-year-old boy’s bedroom pop will please fans…

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