Mutt Singles #02 | Housekeeper – Sunny Day

The second issue introduces Japanese pop terrorists Housekeeper. Their debut is an upbeat tune in which catchy riffs and a sweet melody attempt to shine under a whirlwind of noise.

Housekeeper is scuzzy, tape-melted red-bled noise pop in the early Times New Viking vein. Japanese band apparently, although I can’t find out anything about them. You know hooks are there too, some where hidden underneath that maelstrom of white static., Sonic Malasa (Australia).

“An enigma wrapped in a mystery wrapped in some of the most insane guitar feedback you’ve ever heard. I could not find any further information about this band anywhere. They’re like the Keyser Soze of shoegaze. What I do know is, these guys (guys? could be girls?) sound like JAMC playing next to a jet engine. There are melodies, and vocals, but they’re buried under some crazy intense howling echo and reverb and general chaos. This one is strictly for my noise pop weirdos out there in Internetland. It’s noise pop with a capital N-O-I-S-E.”, Sunshine Thuggery.

Release date: 17th April 2014
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