Mutt Singles #04 | duplodeck – Brisa

Mutt Singles #04 brings duplodeck making a statement of their affection for 90’s guitar bands. Built on soothing riffs, dreamy voices and a lot of feedback, Brisa is a wall of noise that creates a sunset atmosphere. The track is part of their upcoming tape Verões, which will be issued by Pug Recs and distributed by  Bleeding Gold Records.

“Flirting with aspects of shoegaze but approaching these sounds with a far lighter hand than artists such as My Bloody Valentine or Slowdive, duplodeck has crafted dreamy, obtuse rhythms that highlight the band’s affection for ’90s indie rock and their predilection for calming riffs that are periodically engulfed by waves of jarring distortion.”, Nooga (USA).

“Curiosa e assertivamente cantada em português, a faixa usa da coerente mudança de idioma como uma ferramenta prática para (re)apresentar o trabalho do grupo. (…) Brisa lentamente deixa a relação com a obra de outros artistas estrangeiros para ecoar a autenticidade do grupo. Versos que se equilibram em meio aos ruídos crescentes, ainda que acolhedores, de toda a faixa.”, Miojo Indie (Brasil).

Release date: 11th June 2014.
Mutt Singles Series is available for streaming at

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