Mutt Singles #01 | Ciro Madd – You and Me

Pug Records is starting a series of singles available for streaming on Soundcloud. Renowned for travelling from 60’s folk-psychedelic to 80’s shoegaze, Ciro Madd has penned a baroque pop tune for the first issue. You and Me is a charming symphony of keyboards and vocals wrapped up in George Harrison-style riffs, recommended for fans of the Beach Boys and The Zombies.

“The singer tints his music in hazy, experimental swatches of melodies and tones. On his latest song, ‘You and Me’, he situates a Neil Young-esque sense of guitar interplay among cocooned vocals and dense instrumentation but never seems to rely too heavily on these influences – he merely uses them as musical steppingstones to something far more singular and decidedly his own. Madd seems to have an almost preternatural understanding of these longstanding musical constructs and is more than happy to rearrange them at his leisure.”Nooga (USA).

” (…) ‘You and Me’ is a stone cold classic. I’ve been on a Kinks fix lately, and this feels like something they might have written as late teenagers with the Beatles in a Manhattan loft in 2014. The low, crooning vocals, the keys, the tone of the guitar, the jaunty drums – Jesus, I will watch the rain all the rest of my life if it means listening to this on repeat.”, Sonic Malasa (Australia).

Release date: 20th February 2014.
Mutt Singles Series is available for streaming at

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